Mike Yearwood is a Canadian (based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) application developer/programmer and consultant Visual Foxpro specialist. He's been using the Fox line of products since the release of Foxbase 1.02 and programming for over 25 years. He's published multiple articles in FoxproAdvisor Magazine. He's also published a long list of tips, including the Tip of The Month May 2001 and now in the April 2006 issue! Here's the" entire list.

Mike Yearwood was awarded Visual FoxPro MVP (MostValuableProfessional) on July 1, 2008 for 2008.

Due to personal problems I resigned from UTMag.

He cofounded the long abandoned TorontoFoxproUsersGroup. The group has been reborn as the Toronto Ontario FoxPro Users Group!

He contributed code to FoxExpress (Foxpro for Windows 2.6) and is considered a former employee. He worked for/with Drew Speedie (RIP) for two years (at MaxTech, Inc. then GE Capital Consulting and finally Metamor Business Solutions) training, doing client projects (analysis, design and development) across the U.S. and Canada and contributing new features and performance enhancements to Visual Max Frame Professional. He's a regular on the Visual Max Frame Professional discussion board

Monday, September 19, 2005. My mentor and friend will be sorely missed. See Drew Speedie Tragedy

Mike was an employee of Saint Elizabeth Health Care in Toronto until September 29. This way I'll have more time to devote to Max Frame -based applications out of respect for Drew Speedie.

He has written many applications in industries such as Telecommunications, Consumer Surveying, Health Care and Home Building. The consumer survey and telecommunications applications involved multi-million record tables.

He can do analysis, data modelling, design and development of custom applications in Visual Foxpro.

President of Fox Ridge Software

Mike Yearwood held first place on the Skill Drill Visual FoxPro Development Leader Board with a score of 4.33 until Larry Miller knocked him down to second place. Way to go Larry!

On Saturday May 26th, 2001 Mike created the Framework Feature Chart!

Mike Yearwood Visual Max Frame Professional Developer and Trainer Independent Consultant

He has also used Visual Fox Express, West - Wind Web Connection.

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